Exchange Server Emails

Business class email services as part of the Office 365 suite. Synchronise emails, calendars, tasks and contacts to all of your mobile devices.

Sharepoint Setup

One of Microsoft’s most highly rated applications software used by businesses to collaborate and organize teams working together on projects.

Office Desktop Suite

There are many benefits of using Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019 desktop suite as part of Office 365 such as to enable seamless product updates and low upfront cost.


OneDrive for Business

Office 365 offers a large range of tools and features for Apps and Services for use in various SME business environments such as home working, in office or on the move and for team collaboration – completely independent of location.

Benefits to Managed Office 365 Suite

  • No extra charges for Office 365 suite
  • Office 365 account management on your behalf
  • Domain connectivity for professional email
  • Migration and maintenance by expert member of staff
  • OneDrive setup and folder access permissions
  • SharePoint site maintainance and management
  • Optional integrated IT support to the Office suite
  • SharePoint Set up and Design collaboration site
  • Peace of mind for office and account management
  • Remote Desktop IT help
  • Help to setup and maintain archive and backup
  • Use Microsoft Teams and OneNote


Managed Office 365 Services
Support for Office 365 subscription-based cloud email solution starts with, performing administrative tasks such as resetting passwords & setting up new user accounts. Help configure and maintain, anytime, anywhere access including mobile devices. Setup and maintain device security and password policies for secure access.

Ongoing support with email communication especially issues with sending & receiving errors and optimizing message hygiene, spam system, retrieving lost emails, help with email archives. Support of OneDrive, SharePoint, document management solutions and Microsoft Teams.
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